Image Processing

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Muhammad Salem
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Image Processing

Post by Muhammad Salem » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:21 am

i have a few questions related to image processing tasks.
1. in the Health of Coral colony task
a)colors may change from white to another color . is this color the same as the manual or it may be... umm brown ?.
b) we can look at the coral colony from 2 different positions (from the left and right sides of the blue line) which side
should we consider ?

2. in the Photo mosaic task. in the manual there was a photo provided of the cuboid it shows that each side will be connected to another side with the same colored duck tape. is this always the case or it may be connected with different colors?

3. can we try a mission multiple times ?

4. if we map the coral reef from the 2 black lines we will get two inverted results , are both of those results accepted ?

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