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Task 1,2 and 3

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:31 pm
by Seifo
1)In the "Ping Pong" task, assuming that one of the balls get out of the frame and starts floating in the pool without the frame being a constraint, can we still collect this ball? and if not, will this ball be considered as debris?

2)In the "Ghost Net" task, the length of the net is not stated in the manual or the prop, the link provided in the prop doesn't include the same dimensions of the actual net.

3)In the "Ziploc Bag" task, will the bag be standing or lying on the bed of the pool? the bags actually stand in the pool but in the mission fly through the bag was lying on the floor.

4)In task two "The Sponge" task, If we managed to collect the top sample without knocking the bottom two couplings, but the gripper drops it on the pool bed, will we be able to re-collect it again, or well we lose the points, and if we can't re-collect it will it be considered as debris?
5)In the "Seabin" task, it is a bit difficult to balance the bucket in the water, and even when we do so, the lifting and dropping during this task makes it even harder to balance the bucket, so the question is will the bucket be balanced in the competition despite the lifting and dropping during the task, or should we consider the unbalancing of the bucket as a constraint in the task?