[Explorer] Questions on Task 1/2/3.

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[Explorer] Questions on Task 1/2/3.

Post by MotazKaoud » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:01 pm

Q1 : Task 2.5, must we return the top sponge to the poolside after removing it directly to get the points of "Successfully return the sponge sample to the surface" or we can go and start in another task(Task 1 or 3) then return the sponge to the pool side after ?

Q2: Task 3.2, after placing the quadrant on the mussel bed (i.e the quadrant is no more contact with the ROV) ,can we adjust its position on the mussel bed before counting the number of the mussels?

Q3: Task 2.2, the dimensions of the coral colony pipes launched in the "EXPLORER_Prop_Building_Instruction" file are the dimensions between the pipes or the tees center? Or it's just the dimension of the pipes to be cut then connected as in the file?

Q4: Task 1.1, after removing the old mesh bag from the seabin, must we return it directly to the poolside to get the points of the"Successful removal of the old mesh catch bag" or we can complete the task or another task then return it to the poolside?

Q5: Generally, if we start task 1 as example, must we complete 1.1 then 1.2 then 1.3 ? or can we as example finish 1.1 then 1.2
then go to task 2.1 as example, then finally return to task 1.3?(i mean completing 1.1 as example but not complete 1 overall).

Q6: Task 1.2, the pin of the ghost new will be horizontal as it in the "2020 EXPLORER class fly-through" video ? or it can be changed to a vertiacl or any other position?

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