SCOUT Task Questions

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SCOUT Task Questions

Post by dhalper » Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:15 am

For task 1:
1. For task 1 you stated that you MUST do in order. typically in the past if you "skipped" steps that meant that you couldn't go back to them but could still do other steps - is this not the case this year? For example if my team cannot release the power connector from the power port but CAN replace the catch bag can they not start from step 2? OR if they cannot do the power connector but CAN work with the GHOST net and surface debris?
2. For task 1.1. What is the wire/rope in the power connector, connected to on the pool side?
3. For task 1 what is the area for the ping pong balls connected to? How do you get it to stay in place?

Matthew Gardner
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Re: SCOUT Task Questions

Post by Matthew Gardner » Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:30 am

1. For task 1.1 Seabin, you can start the task, then come back to it later on. But you cannot skip a step and then continue with a step further along the Seabin task. For example, you could not disconnect the power connector (10 points), then immediately put it back in, reconnecting the power connector (10 points). In between those steps you would be required to remove the old mesh catch bag and install the new mesh catch bag.
But you could disconnect the power connector, pick up bottom debris, fly the coral transect, then come back and remove the old mesh catch bag.

2. What the rope/wire is connected to on the pool deck will depend on the regional. A chair, table leg, anything. The goal is to the have the top end secured to something on the surface.

3. A length of 1/2-inch pipe will run to the side of the pool and onto the pool deck. I usually secure the pipe with bricks / paving stones (inexpensive weights).

Good luck.

Matthew Gardner
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