Cannon Volume and weight in water examples

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Cannon Volume and weight in water examples

Post by Matthew Gardner » Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:04 pm

Sorry for the late date for this, but I wanted to publish some examples of cannon dimensions and provide the calculated volumes and calculated weight in water. This way you can verify your method of calculations.

Once you measure the cannon in water, you will get a sheet with these dimensions for your calculations. Bronze / iron is determined via the handbook / marking on the cannon.

Also note that once you do these calculations, you will get the actual weight of the PVC cannon in water. You are not expected to lift a 1000 kg from the bottom.

Matthew Gardner
MATE ROV Competition

Length: 149 cm
R1: 15 cm
R2: 9 cm
R3: 24 cm

Volume: 143,237.6545 cm3 0.1432376 m3

Weight in Water:
1,006.97 kg 100,696 g 9,874 Newtons

Length: 194 cm
R1: 13 cm
R2: 8 cm
R3: 19 cm

Volume: 118,846.3497 cm3 0.11884635 m3

Weight in Water:
816.47 kg 816,474 g 8006.8 Newtons

Length: 164 cm
R1: 11 cm
R2: 7 cm
R3: 16 cm

Volume: 69,726.543 cm3 0697265m3

Weight in Water:
490.1776 kg 490,177.6 g 4807.0 Newtons.