[Navigator] question about distance measurement

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[Navigator] question about distance measurement

Post by bentleyrov » Wed May 06, 2015 11:58 pm

Is it legal within the rules to use a program written for a smartphone to count the pixels for the distance measurement? We are already using a large display monitor for our camera feeds.
(The phone would already have been charged, so it would not need to draw power from the 15 amp supply. The phone would take a picture of the monitor and then operate the measurement/pixel-counting program.)

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EDIT: I have one additional question: am I allowed to run the measuring program on a laptop? The laptop would never receive video feed from any of the ROV's cameras - it would only take a static image from one of the cameras and then perform mathematical calculations with the image. The laptop would be fully charged, so it would be running off the power from its own internal battery, and so it would not need to plug in to the 15 amp supply.

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Re: [Navigator] question about distance measurement

Post by Matthew Gardner » Sun May 10, 2015 3:44 pm

Hi Bentley ROV:

Good job at yesterday's competition. You don't need this answered now, of course, but in case other teams want to know the answer.

You may use a smart phone, but it counts as one of your video display devices, which is limited to 3 for RANGER class teams.

Also, yes, you may hold a measuring tape up to the laptop to measure a distance.

Good luck.

Matthew Gardner
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