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by mgoe
Thu May 06, 2021 2:33 pm
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Topic: Remote Video Pool Depth
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Remote Video Pool Depth

Greetings, As our team is preparing for our virtual product demo, we stumbled across a problem; we are worried that we won't have enough space for all props to fit in the 3m deep part of our pool, especially not the drainage pipe and we could not find any info on it in the mission manual, so I'd lik...
by mgoe
Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:51 am
Forum: 2018-2019 Innovations for Inshore (FORUM CLOSED)
Topic: Communication Interface Power
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Communication Interface Power

Hello everyone,

I just hsve a quick question:

Are we allowed to power our Communication Interface for our ROV via USB?
We are using a Fathom-X rev2 from BlueRobotics to send ethernet signal down to our ROV.
by mgoe
Sat Mar 23, 2019 7:53 am
Forum: 2018-2019 Innovations for Inshore (FORUM CLOSED)
Topic: Laser Power Source
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Re: Laser Power Source

So could we have a switch that turns on the Laser on the top or do we have to use a Transistor inside the ROV to turn it on?