[EXPLORER] Seabin Questions

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[EXPLORER] Seabin Questions

Post by EER_Mark » Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:12 pm


Our team has two questions concerning the Seabin task.

First, when removing the old power connector, the manual states, “To avoid penalty points for leaving debris in the water, companies must keep the connector secured in a gripper on their ROV or return it to the surface” but also “Once successfully disconnected, companies may pull the connector out of the water by hand.”

Can the power connector be brought back to the surface by pulling on its own power wires? If not, what counts as removing the connector out of the water by hand?

Second, the manual also states, “Companies will receive 20 points for successfully reconnecting the power to the Seabin. Successfully reconnecting the power is defined as illuminating the LEDs on the power port. The station judge must be able to see the illuminated LEDs.”

Does the power connector have to stay in the port for the remainder of the mission? Or are points gained as soon as the LEDs are shown to be illuminated at which point the power connector can be removed?

Thanks, and looking forward to this year’s competition!

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