[EXPLORER] Air pump & Props Trial

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[EXPLORER] Air pump & Props Trial

Post by hkustepoxsea » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:00 pm

Hello! We have questions regarding the details of the International Competition.

For the provided air pump:
1) May we know what kind of fittings and pressure values that will be provided for the compressed air supply in the station? Will more details about the air sources be provided later?
2) Do we get to test our fittings before the actual mission run? If so, when and where it will be?
3) How is the air supply being set up in the station? Since we may need to prepare extra air pipes if the source is far away from the control box, thus may we have more details about it?

For props trial:
We were wondering how much liberty we are able to have with the provided props which are placed onshore. For instance, how much time are we given with the props? Are we able to test multiple times?

Thank you and have a great week ahead!

HKUST Epoxsea

Matthew Gardner
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Re: [EXPLORER] Air pump & Props Trial

Post by Matthew Gardner » Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:56 am

The air hose will be the same as last year. I believe it is a standard (at least in the US) 1/4-inch connection. The hose will run to the mission station and have a 1/4-inch connector on the end.

As of now, we only plan to have air hoses set up at the mission stations. We will not have an air hose test station.

For props, you will only have your 5 minute set up time to test.

Matthew Gardner
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