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So we were wondering if the Micro-Rov had to go through the main hub for electronics on the main ROV (WTC, etc.) because the manual says that they have to be connected but does not say in what way. So, say if we had a seperate WTC for the mini-ROV situated on the main ROV, does that count as a connection?

It is also possible for the Micro-ROV to be directly connected to the power onshore or does it have to be connected to either the ROV power or by onboard batteries?

Any help is welcome and thanks!

Matthew Gardner
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Re: Micro-ROV

Post by Matthew Gardner » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:22 pm

The Micro-ROV does not necessarily have to go through the hub of the main ROV.


Companies may run their micro-ROV tether directly from the surface and through the ROV with no direct connection points. I.e. RANGER companies may use an extra set of conductors going down with main tether and out to micro-ROV. EXPLORER/RANGER companies using fiber optics and onboard power may also run the fiber optic tether down from the surface alongside the primary ROV tether. EXPLORER companies may not run copper conductors from the surface to the micro-ROV as it would violate either ELEC-003E or ELEC-NRD-001.

Companies may not pull a micro-ROV tether from surface.
Any tether management system must be on an ROV.

So how you do it is somewhat dependent on whether you are RANGER class or EXPLORER class, but you do not necessarily need a connection to the primary ROV ... although it must be docked on the primary ROV (to get docking points).

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Matthew Gardner
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