Cannon size range [Explorer Class]

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Cannon size range [Explorer Class]

Post by Ajhill2 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:13 pm

Hello All,

We are working on our cannon lifting, and are wondering if there is are maximum and/or minimum diameter size for the cannon. The example in the manual shows how to measure the sizes, but we didn't find anywhere in the specification a maximum or minimum size for the cannon. Do we need to design for a potential 10" diameter cannon, 12" or as small as 2" or 3" diameter. Is there a working range, or do we have to design something that would work on any diameter cannon?

The way the measurement section is written up, are we correct in assuming that the numbers provide are for example only, not necessarily the actual size of the cannon (because that would kinda take the fun out of measuring it underwater)?

Thank you taking the time to answer this request.

Alan Hill
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Matthew Gardner
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Re: Cannon size range [Explorer Class]

Post by Matthew Gardner » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:52 pm

I have also posted this under IMPORTANT FORUM RULINGS

Actual Cannon Dimensions:
I know a number of teams have inquired about the maximum size of the cannon that they must retrieve from the bottom. After further discussions with MATE ROV Competition officials, we decided on the following parameters for the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION:

Length of cannon: Less than 1.5 meters.

The cannon will be constructed out of 3-inch and 2-inch pipe. This pipe may be ABS or PVC. The ends of the cannon that must be measured will have larger or smaller diameter pipe and fittings. The large end (largest diameter - 2 x R3 ) will be 18 cm or less in diameter. The smaller end (2 x R1) will have a diameter less than the large end. The bore diameter (2 x R2) must by definition be smaller than the small end.

Note: Regional competitions (especially those outside North America) may be using metric sized pipe. Contact your regional coordinators for maximum dimensions.

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