[Ranger] Approaching missions

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[Ranger] Approaching missions

Post by TheTacoMuncher » Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:35 pm

Task 1: Inserting grout into voids underneath the dam – 10 points
Are we allowed to, for example, use a fishing net to gather up all the "grout" poolside (wrap it up) and then place the grout with the fishing net into the container?

Task 2: Using image recognition to determine the number and type of benthic species – 20 points
The manual mentions that if a team uses image recognition, they have to show it on the video screen. Is this screen strictly the one outputting camera feed, or can we take a screenshot/picture and output the recognised shapes + values on a laptop/electronic device?

Task 3: Calculate the volume of the cannon – up to 30 points
Regarding these measurements, are we allowed take them poolside (after we lift the cannon on to pool deck), or does it have to be done underwater? The manual doesn't really make it clear (Or I may have missed something)?

Any help is welcome and thanks!

Matthew Gardner
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Re: [Ranger] Approaching missions

Post by Matthew Gardner » Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:02 am

#1: Leaving a net in the pool along with the grout would constitute leaving debris in the pool. The net would not be a mission prop, it would be something you constructed to carry a mission prop. Therefore would constitute debris and would lead to a penalty if it was still in the water at the end of mission time.

#2: Companies are allowed to take a screen shot of the benthic species and transfer that picture to another device. The red text output can be an overlay on that screen shot.

#3: From the manual: Note: Once your company begins operations to bring the cannon to the surface, you may no longer perform any force calculations.
So once you start lifting operations on the cannon, you can no longer take any measurements, as those are included in the bullet point of Calculating the amount of force needed to lift the cannon. So once you start lifting the cannon, you can no longer get points for measurements, calculating its volume, determining its composition, or determining if your ROV has enough thrust to lift it.

Good luck.

Matthew Gardner

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