Various questions

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Hassan Elkholy
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Various questions

Post by Hassan Elkholy » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:22 pm

1- In the task of transporting the trout fry, it is written that : "Two simulated trout fry will be located at the station during the set up period." Does that mean that we will put the trout fry manually into the ROV when it is at the surface?

2-What is exactly the orientation of the gripping point of the simulated rock in the mission of lifting a rock in Task 2?

3- What is the length of the 3-inch Corex drain pipe that simulates the degraded tire in the mission of removing the degraded tire in task 2?

4- In the task of installing the trash rack that will be simulated with pvc, Is there a specific orientation/ pre-designed cavity that the new installed trash rack will be put into ? or The ROV will just drop it to fall into the bottom? and will the ROV remove the old trash rack by moving it right and left or by moving it up and down?

5- In the mission of micro-ROV, will the corex drain pipe will be properly fixed or it will move/rotate if the micro-ROV bump into it while it moves inside it?

6- Can the tether man or any of the company's members pick up by hand from the ROV what it brings(e.g. the cannon) from down the pool ?

7- How actually will the sample be located inside that Platypus bottle and placed in a bucket while it is written in the task description that the sample can be accessed through a PVC coupling and pipe ? In another words, How are the bottle, and the PVC coupling and pipe linked together?

Thank you very much

Matthew Gardner
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Re: Various questions

Post by Matthew Gardner » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:06 pm

1. Yes. A company member will put the two trout fry manually into a container or other device to transport them down. This will be done at the surface.

2. See the Prop Building Instructions. There are photos of the "rock" in that. You can also check the Solidworks files when they are completed and posted.

3. See the Prop Building Instructions. The length is noted in that document.

4. See the Prop Building Instructions. The cradle that the new trash rack screen sits in is detailed in that document. A photo shows how the new trash rack screen must rest in cradle of the trash rack.

5. The drain pipe will be held in place with bricks. See the Prop Building Instructions for photos and additional information.

6. Yes. Once the ROV is on the surface, within range of a company member's arm, that company member may reach into the pool and grab any equipment brought up by the ROV. A company member's arm may go into the pool, but if a company member falls into the pool, the team will be disqualified for that product demonstration run.

7. See the Prop Building Instructions. The 3/4-inch male coupling is secured to the soft water bottle and goes through a hole in the lid of the bucket. A 3/4-inch female coupling is screwed onto the male adapter. A plastic wrap covering goes over the female adapter.

Good luck.

Matthew Gardner
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